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Kwame Nkrumah

1050 $

Honouring the man who oversaw the transition from British colonial rule to independence in 1957, the Kwame Nkrumah Suite is a testament to pride and perseverance. Its historical photographs, handsome furnishings, and spacious king-sized bed make it the perfect place to relax and reflect. There is even a separate living and dining area to make your stay exceptionally inviting. With such luxurious surroundings, we trust that your stay in the Kwame Nkrumah Suite will be as peaceful as the man who inspired it.

Nelson Mandela

1050 $

Honouring the legendary man who inspired millions and led South Africa from apartheid into multi-racial democracy, the Nelson Mandela Suite is a testament to courage and perseverance. Taking cues from traditional African designs, while making them highly relevant and contemporary, the suite embodies the spirit of Mandela himself. This luxurious suite comes with a plush king-sized bed, a spacious bathroom, a fully appointed kitchenette with coffee and tea accommodations, and an open seating area to relax and unwind. Book your stay today.



515 $

The word Nzulezu means “surface of the water”, a translation that’s fitting considering the soothing design of the Nzulezu Suite. There are warm earthy tones with hints of green at play, and carefully selected features such as a kitchenette, a king-sized bed, a full bath with a shower and Jacuzzi. The Nzulezu Suite is more than just a suite, it is an oasis of calm one can happily spend time recharging in.


515 $

Named after the fourth longest river in Africa, the Zambezi Suite is a luxurious space that allows you to flow freely within. From the plush king-sized bed, one can easily slip into the sitting area, illuminated by natural light as well as an opulent chandelier. There are also a host of amenities at your fingertips with a fully appointed kitchenette, complete with an espresso machine, toaster, microwave and a full table setting for two. With so much to offer, the Zambezi Suite is more of an escape than a suite.


Lake Como

465 $

Named for the coveted retreat of European elite since Roman times, the Lake Como Suite is the epitome of Italian aristocratic elegance. Its decor is inspired by the unsurpassed beauty and luxury found in the villas and palaces surrounding Lake Como, one of Europe’s most relaxing, renowned, and exclusive destinations. With such beautiful surroundings, your stay here will leave you feeling like royalty.


465 $

Much like the region of charming mediaeval fortresses and provincial hilltop villages neatly tucked between the Alps and the French Riviera, the Provence Suite is a celebration of simple pleasures. The pleasures of tasteful surroundings, fine linens, and handsome furniture that is at once functional and luxurious. This tranquil blend of tasteful touches is destined to soothe the senses, and make your stay here something to be savoured.

Cape Town

465 $

Adorned in remarkable tints of blue, the Cape Town suite at Villa Monticello is designed to appreciate the beautiful blue waters, scenic beauty and natural attractions of the modern, cosmopolitan city of Cape Town. Have no doubt that a stay in this suite is sure to redefine and elevate your taste in luxury.

Last Emperor

465 $

Steeped in imperial red, the Chinese colour for good luck, the Last Emperor Suite honours Puyi, the twelfth and final member of China’s Manchu Qing Dynasty. While the suite’s regal colour palette goes back centuries, the contemporary design also tips its hat to the modern-day economic powerhouse China has become. Whether your stay is for business or pleasure, choosing the luxury of the Last Emperor Suite is sure to lead to good fortune.

Eclectic Soho

465 $

As fascinating as the New York City neighbourhood whose name it shares, the Eclectic Soho Suite is a Warhol- like collection of stunning modern artefacts designed to inspire. The rich black of its furnishing is always the height of fashion. Its blend of beige walls and sage pillows and drapes are anything but neutral. And its variety of custom accents is somehow both contemporary and classic. With such exciting surroundings, a stay in the Eclectic Soho Suite is a marvellous way to mix things up.


465 $

Inspired by the many faces of the famous Red City, the Marrakesh Suite is a breathtaking blend of yesterday and today. Its doorways are inspired by the city’s magnificent mediaeval arches, and its magical hanging lamps transport you to the heart of the stunning Moroccan desert, while its contemporary amenities immerse you in the spirit of Marrakesh’s modern boulevards and cafes. This exotic blend of history and luxury provides more than just an opulent oasis, it is sure to make your every wish come true.


Out of Africa

405 $

Named for Baroness Karen Von Blixen’s lyrical meditation on life in Kenya’s Out of Africa, the Out of Africa Suite is a snapshot of colonial life in the last decades of the British Empire. Its walls are decorated with incredible images of the beauty of the Kenyan savanna, While its decor is inspired by the simple luxury of the coffee plantation Baroness Blixen called home for seventeen years. No matter why you’re in Africa, the Out of Africa Suite is the perfect place to stay as you create stories of your own.


405 $

Taken from the Zulu for protector of all things, the Londolozi Suite honours one of Africa’s premier game reserves, internationally recognised for its far-sighted and progressive management of land and wildlife rehabilitation. Throughout this stunning suite are intimate images of Africa’s magnificent big five game species; the lion, African elephant, cape buffalo, leopard, and black rhinoceros humanely captured in photographs for you to enjoy in a rich setting of African luxury. Whether you’re here for a day, a week, or a month, your stay here is sure to be breathtaking.


405 $

Elmina is a town in the Central Region of Ghana situated on the bay of the Atlantic Ocean. The town has a lot of historical monuments from the colonial era, making it a great tourism destination and getaway location. The Elmina Suite at Villa Monticello is inspired by the beautiful town of Elmina hence, every corner of the room is carefully designed to give you that relaxing getaway experience. This tranquil blend of history and luxury is sure to make your stay in the Elmina Suite an experience to savour.

Aqua Verde

405 $

As beautiful as the magnificent green waters of the West African coast, the Aqua Verde Suite is a remarkable reflection of Ghana’s natural beauty. Its tawny tiles, clean white furnishings, and teal accents bring land and sea together perfectly, while its luxurious amenities make the world your oyster. Whatever you find most breathtaking about Ghana, the Aqua Verde Suite is a stunning place to stay as you immerse yourself in it.

Orient Express

405 $

From 1883, the legendary Orient Express carried kings and celebrities between great European cities. Today, the Orient Express Suite will leave you feeling like royalty. Inspired by the rich tapestry of life along the route of this legendary luxury train, its surroundings will take you on a journey of the senses, Bathing you in the dream of the golden age of travel. Wherever your journey takes you, making the Orient Express Suite stop along the way is the perfect way to feel like you’ve arrived.


405 $

The city that never sleeps can be a luxurious place to rest your head. The Manhattan Suite at Villa Monticello is just that. Inspired by the exciting pace and fashion forward design of one of the world's most progressive and powerful cities, the Manhattan Suite is sure to leave you feeling refreshed, excited, and ready for more. Here, the stunning Manhattan skyline is the first thing you see when you wake up in the morning, and the last thing you see at night. Making your stay here the stuff dreams are made of.



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