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From luxury boutique hotels to eco-lodges and beachfront retreats, the global hospitality industry is home to numerous Black-owned accommodations that offer exceptional experiences. These establishments not only provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere, but also showcase the rich diversity of the cultures and experiences of the diaspora. Here are six Black-owned places to stay when traveling abroad. Each stay offering a captivating blend of culture and personalized service.


Discover the epitome of elegance at Villa Monticello, a boutique hotel in Ghana’s capital city. Owned by Ghanaian entrepreneur Laurie Awotwi, this Black-owned place to stay embraces the spirit of African luxury. The spacious suites feature contemporary decor and provide a haven of comfort. The rooftop terrace offers stunning views of the city, and the hotel’s fine dining restaurant serves delectable dishes inspired by the West African culinary heritage. Villa Monticello provides an impeccable fusion of African charm and modern sophistication, offering guests an unparalleled experience in Accra.


source: travelnoire.com

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